Marna White Conc Whitening Oil CII 100ml

Brand from Japan: Marna. Grapefruit scent A non greasy, smooth oil containing highly penetrating vitamin C derivatives that provides massage care whitening at the same time. Uses an airless bottle to prevent oxidizing. How to use: Take an appropriate amount gently apply it to clean bare skin. Please while blending into it again in areas where you particularly concerned about dryness. Recommended for with White Conch series. an is not easily affected


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D up Aroma Treatment Cuticle Oil 15ml

Brand from Japan: D up. A nail treatment containing 100% natural essential oils. The vegetable that is familiar to the skin quickly penetrates stratum corneum moisturizes nails fingertips. How to use: Apply an appropriate amount to cuticles massage with your Can also be used over colors gel nails.


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E.L.G Essential Oil Bank Stress Relaxation Massage 100ml

Brand from Taiwan: E.L.G. Add Lavender Essential Oil, Cedarwood Calendula Grapefruit Oil. essential oil: soothes body mind, like entering a mother's arms. Oil: A woody fragrance that purifies body. skin aids relaxation. Energetic, sweet bright. Can be used for facial care, massage, relieve tension. How to use: Open top cover, take an appropriate amount into palm of your hand, onto face Strengthen neck arteries, lymphatics both sides of shoulders


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Pattrena Geranium D Provence Aromatherapy Massage Oil 100ml

Brand from Thailand: Pattrena. Geranium Lavender oils have a comforting healing effect. The fresh, sweet aroma Rosemary energizes stimulates the mind while feeling relaxed at same time. It also has balancing, soothing rejuvenating properties. How to use: Squeeze a small amount into palm of hand massage using gentle, circular motions over body. Keep away direct sunlight heat.


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Pattrena Peppermint Aromatherapy Massage Oil 100ml

Brand from Thailand: Pattrena. This relaxing aroma relieves tension tiredness after a long day at work. The fresh smell of Peppermint helps calm the body mind. How to use: Squeeze a small amount into palm of hand massage using gentle, circular motions over body. Keep away direct sunlight heat.


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Aster Aroma Blend Oil 50ml 6 Types

Brand from Hong Kong: Aster Aroma. Period Comfy: Contain Evening Primrose Oil, Marjoram, Clary Sage, Fennel Neroli Pure Essential good for balancing hormone to relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS). How to use: Apply on lower abdomen, massage in a circular movement, repeat as necessary. Energizing: Jojoba May Chang, Thyme, Rosemary Ginger a refreshing blend of oils uplifting boosting energy enhancing concentration. to on chest both temples of forehead,


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LCN SPA Waterlily Massage Oil 300 ml

Huile de massage délicate pour les mains et le corps. Contient de l'extrait de nénuphar, qui a un effet apaisant et rafraîchissant et favorise en même temps la relaxation de la peau.


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SP Bain Luxe Oil

SP LUXE OILContenance: 200mlBain Keratin Protect:Application:Appliquez uniformément sur cheveux humides.Effectuez le shampoing massage System Professional. Rincez abondammentBénéfices pour vos cheveuxLe shampooing


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Dame Products Huile de Massage et Lubrifiant Sex Oil 60 ml

L'Huile de Massage etamp; Lubrifiant Sex Oil 60 ml de Dame Products est parfaite pour les massages sensuels te relaxants. Sa composition naturelle en une huile à usage externe et interne saine et sûre le corps.    Adaptée au pH du vagin, cette de également un bon lubrifiant, adapté aux peaux sensibles. Profitez de langoureux suivis de rapports sexuels toujours agréables et confortables. De plus, votre produit de bien être léchable et


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PEZRI Oil Balance Skin Purifying Mousse Cleanser 150ml

Brand from Taiwan: PEZRI. Providing excellent cleansing purifying effect on skin taking away unwanted oil dirt in pores. It leaves your a cool, refreshing sensation with balance after use. How to use: Put appropriate amount on hand, apply it on the face massage, then wash water.


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